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Design & Build

A project delivery system whereby Afaa provides full design and interior fit out services inhouse under one single Turnkey solutions contract. A design and build contract have the potential to reduce overall project risks and costs, and may also result in earlier completion of a project due to one point of contact.

Safety Is Good Business

In a perfect world, accidents never happen. Unfortunately, hazards abound on job sites and, therefore, the risk is always present. It's simply part of the world we live it. That's why AKSG always puts safety first always Reducing down-time caused by illness.

Quality is Everyone's Job

Our Quality Control program is effective because it helps us actively avoid problems rather than focusing on finding and fixing them. When quality is the responsibility of every single employee and subcontractor, control, schedule adherence, and customer satisfaction.

Shared Values

We avoid unexpected problems through the shared values of teamwork, thoroughness, and cross-checking. When unavoidable issues do occur, these disciplines empower fast and efficient problem resolution for saved time and money.

Disciplined Process

Our team maintains client satisfaction by ensuring quality at every step. This disciplined process helps us produce quality outcomes on every project.Discipline is an approach used by management to modify undesirable performance and behavior through the use of a corrective action process.

Eco-Friendly Building and Process

Building green is not just about using recycled materials, it is a commitment to the environment every step of the way. Whether following the standards of the industry or your own corporate initiatives, each phase of the Afaa process focuses on sustainability.

Self-Performed Work

Afaa self-performs construction work many other contractors choose to subcontract. This lets us control quality and schedules while eliminating a layer of markup for our clients. To deliver projects on time and on budget, we train employees in delivering the highestquality work in multiple disciplines.